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Marine Works of Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant

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 Located in the southeast coast of Ningjin subdistrict office, Shidao precinct, Rongcheng City, Weihai City, Shandong Province, Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant borders the Yellow Sea to the east, and the geographic coordinates of its central place is 36°58'N122°30'E. This plant is about 23 km from Rongcheng City in the north, 14 km from Shidao in the southeast, 68 km and 120 km from Weihai City and Yantai City respectively in the northwest and 185 km from Qingdao City in the southeast. There is a through highway to this plant, therefore, the traffic is convenient.

Total capacity of Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant consists of 1×200MW high temperature gas-cooled reactor unit , 4×AP1000 pressurized water reactor unit and 2×CAP1400 pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit, thereinto, 1×200MW high temperature gas-cooled reactor and 4×AP1000 pressurized water reactor shall be constructed by Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. which is the subordinate body of China Huaneng Group; 2×CAP1400 large advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit shall be constructed by State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant Co., LTD.

Marine works of Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant include the design of open ditch for water intaking and drainage, breakwater with open ditch, drainage culvert, buried culvert and revetment, cofferdam and protective structure corresponding to all works. In addition, marine works include the design of offshore auxiliary functional zone which is located in the area of sea cucumber pool in the north of open ditch drainage and in the east of water intaking open ditch.

Total investment of this project is 2.793 billion RMB, among which construction cost is 1.485 billion RMB.

Stages of project design include design of method statement, preliminary design and shop drawing design.

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