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Terminal, Breakwater and Supporting Marine Works of #1 and #2 Units (2×1000MW) of Guangdong Pinghai Power Plant

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Located in the east coast of scenic Huizhou Daya Bay, Pinghai Power Plant Co., Ltd borders the South Sea to the south and Huizhou City to the north and faces Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant across the sea in the west.

The project is scheduled to construct 6 sets of 100,000,000 kW ultra-supercritical coal-fired generator units with dynamic gross investment of 8.5 billion RMB, among which 2 sets of 100,000,000 kW ultra-supercritical coal-fired generator units shall be constructed firstly for Phase 1 works. The power plant will fire 470 million tons of coal each year after putting into operation, and its annual electricity production will be 1100 MW. [2] With the planned scale of 6 sets of 100,000,000 kW coal-fired generator units, Pinghai Power Plant is the largest thermal power plant that has been built and is being built in Guangdong Province so far and is considered as the “giant” power plant in Guangdong Province. CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., LTD is responsible for investigation of this project with measuring ratio of 1:1000 and measuring range of 4.68km2.


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